MIRA is the result of a meeting between the talents of painter Yvan Brutsaert and photographer Laurent Van Ausloos. Their joint work is a subtle blend of the two arts. Yvan Brutsaert's work is full of strength, intuition, movement and material. Sometimes cosmic, sometimes mineral, his work lets the viewer travel according to his imagination.

A functional object between art and design, this lamp will dress up your interior with colours and organic shapes.
The visual of the disc is available in different designs. Choose the color you want with the numbered samples.


100 L X 100 l X 12 h

Sublimation printing on aluminium.
Brass and mouthblow opaline.

3X Mouthblow mat opaline (X12cm diam.).
3X Led E14, 560 lm, 2700 kelvins , 7 watt, dimmable.

Designed and produced in Belgium.

Delay: 4 weeks

Reference -TORO01M

Please send a request for shipping cost.